High Performance formula

So what’s the secret formula that successful business owners, elite athletes and champion coaches apply to improve performance?

Yes, there is a simple formula that high performers use to get outstanding results.  The formula is applied by world champion sports teams like the All Blacks rugby team, business legends such as Bill Gates, and great political leaders including Barack Obama.  

A key component of the strategic high performance methodology, this simple formula outlines a recipe for success in the boardroom, on the sports field and in life.  And it does so in less than ten words.  Here it is:


High performers recognise that a high performance mindset is the foundation to superior performance.  And they understand that mindset must be combined with a good strategy and skilful execution in order to achieve success.

Hi.  My name is Ben Bartlett and I want to welcome you to my website.  My work?  I help business leaders and other high achievers to successfully apply the principles of Strategic High Performance and the High Performance Equation.

As you will quickly find out, this site helps you to take a strategic approach to increasing business and personal performance levels. And it does so in several ways.  On this site you can:

1. Read my blog and free articles that help you to better understand the art and science of strategic high performance. Using the high performance equation as a base framework, strategic high performance is a powerful performance improvement philosophy that merges principles of strategy, psychology, design thinking and personal development as applied in business and elite-level sport/fitness.

2. Read about a range of consulting, coaching and training services designed to help you develop your high performance skills, and create and execute more powerful strategies in your work and personal life.The benefits to you?  With the help of these tools, resources and services you will:

  • Work smarter..not just harder
  • Become a better strategist and planner
  • Develop stronger work and personal relationships
  • Improve your business and personal brand and reputation
  • Improve your health and fitness levels
  • Creatively dominate your markets and competitors
  • Grow your business while still maintaining your health, sanity and work-life balance

As you can see, the benefits are many, and they will come to you when you take a strategic approach to growth and performance. So browse this site, read the articles, subscribe to my newsletter, and get the free reports.