Secret weapon introduction

So what’s the secret weapon that companies like Air New Zealand, eBay, Microsoft and Samsung hire to help them improve business performance?

No, it’s not an accounting or IT genius, marketing guru or business coach.  The secret weapon?  It is a strategist.  That is, high performing businesses like the ones above either hire a new breed of executive called a Chief Strategy Officer, or an external strategist/strategy consultant.

Why?  These companies recognise that an effective strategy is the foundation to improved performance.  And they understand that success all boils down to applying this simple equation:


Highly skilled strategists are experts in helping firms apply the Success Equation.  Which is one reason why, according to publications like the prestigious Harvard Business Review, they are being hired in increasing numbers.  

Hi.  My name is Ben Bartlett and I want to welcome you to my website.  And yes, I am a strategist.

As you will quickly find out, this site helps you to take a strategic approach to increasing sales, profits and overall performance levels. And it does so in several ways.  On this site you can:

1. Read my blog and free articles that help you to better understand the art and science of strategy.  You will get a unique perspective on strategy as I address the subject by merging neuroscience, sports coaching/performance, design thinking and traditional strategic management principles. 

2. Learn about an innovative strategic planning and business growth system that blows traditional planning approaches out of the water. My “imagination, not spreadsheets” system generates innovative strategies more often because it is driven by the fact that strategy making is primarily a creative exercise.

3. Read about a range of strategy consulting, coaching and training services designed to help you create and execute more powerful strategies.The benefits to you?  With the help of these tools, resources and services you will:

  • Work smarter..not just harder
  • Become a better strategist and planner
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness…not busyness
  • Grow sales, market share and profits
  • Creatively dominate your markets and competitors
  • Balance your business and personal life better
  • Grow your business while still maintaining your health and sanity

As you can see, the benefits are many, and they will come to you when you take a strategic approach to business growth. So browse this site, read the articles, subscribe to my newsletter, and get the free reports.  And, if you have an urgent issue that needs attention, give me a call on 0064 9 534 9417.