In the fields of strategy and high-performance, research shows that fees charged by some consultants and coaches are very high.

To highlight the reality, the world’s premier strategy consulting firm is McKinsey.  Its fees? $180,000 per week to more than $4 million for a six month project!

In 2009 AdAge magazine, which is the leading publication of the advertising industry, revealed that chief creative officers/strategists at top ad agencies billed out at US$964.00 an hour.  More recently, UK firm Ridler and Co revealed in its 2016 Research Report that coaching fees for CEOs range from £500-£2,500 per hour.  And, according to Salary.com, the median salary and bonus package for a chief strategist/strategic planning executive is US $367,515.

So why do some consultants, strategists and coaches cost so much?  Simple.  In effect, when you hire them you are purchasing their brains.  In other words, their expertise, experience and ideas.  This is not something you can buy off the shelf like a chocolate bar. The best consulting brains have top-drawer skills….so will charge accordingly.

When you think about it, the best consultants and coaches aren’t really expensive at all. It’s actually an investment.  They can help stop you making dumb, expensive and confidence-shattering mistakes.  And they can help solve your problems and achieve your goals faster and easier.

To be fair, there are cheap coaches and consultants you can hire for as little as $40 an hour or $100 per session.  But be warned. When you use price as the main criteria when choosing a consultant – with a view to hiring the cheapest around – the cheapest could end up being the most expensive.  It’s the age-old adage in action.  If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

Overview of my fees and services

Here is a brief overview of fees as at October 2017, for my key skills and services outlined below. Fees exclude GST and expenses such as out-of-town travel and accommodation. Services are provided in three core areas:

  • Professional coaching specialising in strategic high performance
  • Strategy design and visual strategic planning
  • Strategic MBA – Education and training

Service options are:

My Strategy 2018 – This is a strictly limited service that is available in November/December each year. It is an affordable strategic planning and coaching service that helps business owners and executives prepare for and start the new year in the best possible way. Commences November/December and goes through to February/March the following year. Focuses on both work and personal strategy. Limited spaces.  Fee is 4 x $500.00 monthly payments.

Sessions – One-off strategy, coaching and training sessions sessions.  Fee is $6,000 which includes one full day of strategising, coaching or training, which can be divided into 2 or 4 hour sessions.  Plus one month support by phone and email.

Strategic War Room – A strategic review that includes pre-diagnosis and scoping work, up to 1 day of in-depth consulting, development of a solution and 3 months of unlimited support and follow up.  The day of consulting can be divided into segments such as 2 hourly segments. Fee is $12,000.00, payable at $4,000 per month.

Strategist OnCall – My flagship service that gives you comprehensive access to coaching, strategic planning and training expertise. Fees are $2,000 per month for a minimum term of 12 months for one-on-one coaching and consulting. For a business-wide service working with other team members/leaders, the fee is $4,000 per month for a 12 month term.

Other service options

Other services include:

  • Keynote speeches and presentations.  From $5,000.
  • High-level business writing of business/investment case research reports, thought leadership pieces, white papers, speeches and more.  From $1,000 per A4 page.
  • Strategic Projects, for significant project work of a one-off nature such as a strategic turnaround or overhauling marketing, brand and sales strategy.  Typically involves working with strategic partners.  From $50,000.
  • Navigator, which is a coaching and mentoring service for high school and tertiary students.  It is a social-focused service offered to tertiary institutions and high schools at substantially reduced fees.

Added benefits

So why consider these services?

Firstly, I specialise in strategic high performance, and helping clients to analyze, create and skilfully execute winning strategies is at the core of what I do:

Secondly, you get to deal directly with me – and my brain.  There are no poorly qualified consultants looking after you.

Next, my project partners and I have been helping organizations improve for more than 20 years…working across the entire business spectrum from corporates, to government departments and through to small businesses. And we have the gray hair – and accompanying wisdom – to show for it. 

We offer a unique range of services and tools, starting with our use of design thinking:

And, when it comes to coaching we apply the blended coaching model:

Other tools we’ve developed that you cannot get anywhere else include the Visual Strategy System.  This is a revolutionary approach to analyzing businesses, creating strategies, and formulating concise strategic and marketing plans…and we’re the only ones who have it.

In addition, we are not a high-volume service with hundreds of clients.  Instead, we limit the number of clients we work with and work closely with them on a variety of assignments and projects.

Ultimately, my fee schedule targets only those who are serious about improving performance and acts as a disincentive to those who are either price-driven or not in a financial position to make an investment in their future.

What now?

If you have an urgent issue you’d like me to cast my eyes over, please phone (09) 534 9417 or (021) 158 0019. Or email ben at benmbartlett.com.