Architects design buildings. Software developers make computer programs and apps.  And graphic designers create logos. What do I do?  I create, design and help clients to execute winning strategies.  How?  By helping them master the Strategic High Performance formula.

Strategic High Performance is a powerful performance improvement methodology that combines principles of strategy, psychology, design thinking and personal development as applied in elite sport and high-level business:


Specific projects and assignments I’ve completed include:

  • Designing and leading change management strategies that have helped firms to successfully navigate and grow through difficult trading events such as the global financial crisis.
  • Developing franchise models and growth strategies that have assisted firms to scale from local to national and international markets.
  • Facilitating strategic reviews and planning sessions that have helped leaders to clarify vision and values, set clear goals and develop a coherent strategy and steps to success.
  • Creating initiatives to turn around under-performing teams, resulting in improved culture, better work engagement and team performance.
  • Designing and directing wellness programs that have enabled participants to cut smoking rates, reduce weight, increase fitness levels and better manage stress levels.
  • Re-engineering sales and marketing systems that have improved brand appeal and increased brand awareness, sales, gross margins and unit sales values.
  • Coaching and training teams and individuals to improve leadership, strategic thinking, visual planning, relationship and performance skills.
  • Mediating, negotiating and resolving contractual, employment and relationship disputes…for less cost and hassle than lawyers.

I offer a flexible range of service options that include:

  • The War Room – Strategic reviews/strategic planning facilitation service and strategy consulting
  • Strategic MBA – Training workshops that teach the strategic high performance skills which comprises strategy, design thinking and visual strategic planning, mental skills, relationship-building, leadership, nutrition and fitness, and brand/reputation development
  • Strategist OnCall – My flagship service which gives clients ongoing access to strategic high performance advice, coaching and planning expertise
  • Seminar speeches and presentations

For more information on my services click on the services links on this website.  If you are serious about improving strategy, contact me for a no-obligation chat by phone or Skype.  Or you can email me for more information.  My mobile number is 021 158 0019, Skype ID is benmbartlett and email is ben (at)