High-level Business Writing

Need to write a persuasive piece of communication to sell a thought, opinion, product or service?  Does your brain go blank when you try putting words to paper or on a computer screen?

You are not alone.

The fact is, writing to persuade others is a much sought-after skill. After all, it’s a skill that’s required for all sorts of communications pieces including vision statements, strategic plans, speeches, presentations, business case reports and white papers.  

One other area where good writing has become increasingly important is the writing of online content. Now back in the early days of the internet, some companies farmed out content creation to writers in developing countries for whom English was their 2nd language. The focus then was on word quantity. However, the tide has shifted to where the emphasis now is on quality.

Whatever the platform or media, for writing to be persuasive it needs to be well structured, easy to read and supported by strong evidence.

But here’s another fact.  The skill of writing material that meets the above criteria can be challenging. Which is why some business owners and executives hire professional writers.

Since the early 1990s, I’ve written for small and large firms including Air New Zealand, BNZ, Honda, AIG and others.  Industries served include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Investment and financial advisory services
  • Businesses and franchises
  • Insurance
  • Health and beauty products
  • Education
  • Accounting services
  • Software

And the sorts of writing projects I complete?  They include:

  • Vision and positioning statements
  • Business and product taglines
  • Strategic, marketing and business plans
  • Consulting reports and case studies
  • Strategy documents
  • Speeches
  • Sales scripts and presentations for sales/telesales people and videos
  • Special reports, investment reports and white papers

So if that blank computer screen or piece of paper is really starting to annoy you, feel free to contact me.  Fees start at $1,000 per A4 page.