Master Strategist offers free book to help business leaders develop better strategies, improve performance and achieve big goals – at work and in life

Greetings! It’s Ben M. Bartlett here and I am writing to you from the awesome country of New Zealand.

As you may know, New Zealand is a developed country of 5 million people located near the bottom of the world.

Here in New Zealand we’re famous for sheep, beautifully picturesque landscapes, the Lord of the Rings movies, the All Blacks rugby team…and that on a per capita basis, we are one of the world’s best sporting nations.

We also have a reputation as being really friendly, down-to-earth and helpful people.

Anyway, if you’re a CEO, business owner or hold some other senior position in your team, then today I want to help you.  More specifically, I want to help you get all your shit together.  And perform much better. At work and in life.

How so?

I want to send you a book.  It’s called The World’s Most Valuable Investment.

The digital edition of The World’s Most Valuable Investment is free and is available as a PDF download.

If you’re serious about developing better strategies, improving performance and achieving big goals, The World’s Most Valuable Investment is a must-read.

Here’s why.

Broadly divided into two sections, this book firstly introduces you to human capital.  And as part of the first section you will learn:

  • A concise definition of human capital
  • The history of human capital
  • The investment principles that human capital is built upon
  • The key differences between human capital and human resources
  • The best way to deploy human capital to build a successful business strategy and performance
  • How human capital builds champion teams
  • The Leadership Skill Set

Secondly, this book shows you how to develop and grow human capital on both a personal and team/business level.

As part of the “how to” process, you will learn the core principles and rules of strategy. And you will get an introduction to strategy models, which are important tools used to analyse, plan, develop and execute strategy.

The “how to” section of this book also reveals:

  • The neuroscience of how we learn stuff
  • The 4 stages to becoming an expert
  • The very best techniques for developing skills and building human capital
  • Everything you need to know about coaching
  • The Ultimate Success Secret

At just under 90 pages long, The World’s Most Valuable Investment is an easy read.  And to make reading it even easier, the book includes visual tools in the form of strategy models, diagrams, templates and process visuals.

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And my qualifications?

First and foremost, I am a master strategist, which is best defined as someone qualified and skilled in analyzing and developing strategy.  So in a nutshell, I help business leaders to solve their biggest problems with good strategy.

In terms of academic background, I attended my first strategic planning course in 1994.  And, my qualifications include an MBA (“A” grade average), specializing in strategic thinking.

As well as serving as a strategist, I am a strategic advisor and coach to CEOs, high performing business owners and team members,  helping them to improve strategic performance and to get their shit together.

Clients include senior executives at large organisations such as Marley, Red Cross, AIG and Honda…managing directors, boards and team members of multi-million dollar a year privately owned companies, government department leaders, and the owners of small businesses.

My work has been recognised and featured at industry conferences in both New Zealand and Australia, and has been the subject of legal action taken against others who have stolen my – and my clients’ – intellectual property. I’ve helped firms in a range of sectors including investment advisory, accounting, fast moving consumer goods, building and construction, food manufacturing, insurance and wellness.

Alongside my work with business leaders is the role I perform as a fitness/sports coach and life skills mentor, working with youth.  This role is a passion that I’ve been dedicated to for more than 30 years. My business career is my career.  My youth work is my calling.  And the two work perfectly together.

What is my youth coaching work all about?  It’s about helping youth to apply strategy principles to excel in all areas of their lives, such as education, vocation and physical and mental wellbeing.  You see, when you master strategy you can master life.  And that’s the message I drive into the youth that I coach.

My biggest qualification?

Listen up. I didn’t have the flashest upbringing.  Born a poor Maori boy in the small city of Gisborne, New Zealand. And surrounded by a dysfunctional environment that included alcohol abuse, drugs, crime and financial hardship.

But, when I reached my late teens I realised that the responsibility for getting my shit together lay firmly on my shoulders.  And I discovered that the key to success was learning how to plan and execute strategy.

Long story short. I did get my shit together. And now it’s me telling high falutin’ CEOs and business leaders how to get all their shit together.

How to get your SHIT together

Want to learn how to get your shit together? You need to get your free copy of The World’s Most Valuable Investment.  And your free subscription to The Bartlett Lessons newsletter.

These lessons you will learn are delivered in a unique, no B.S style. No corporate diarrhea. No academic airy-fairy theory. No motivational mumbo jumbo. No PC nonsense. So if you are into diarrhea, pie in the sky theory, mumbo jumbo or PC silliness then do not get the book. Otherwise you will be grossly offended.

What to do now?

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