Here’s what to do if you’re committed to improving human capital, strategy and strategy execution.


If you are serious about improving human capital, strategy and strategy execution, then first read the services pages on this website.  As you will learn, we offer a range of services dedicated to helping you improve in the three core domains of human capital, namely:

  • Business human capital
  • Team human capital
  • Personal human capital 

As well, we suggest that you get your subscription to The Bartlett Lessons newsletter.

And the next step after that?  Usually it’s a free strategy briefing.

Request your free strategy briefing

Strategy briefings are part workshop and part consultation.  For instance, one of our briefings is on the 10 Diamonds.

In this briefing you’ll receive a more detailed overview of the 10 Diamonds. We’ll explain exactly what the 10 Diamonds are, and how they drive and grow business value.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in the briefing:

  • Why 20th century business valuation is obsolete.
  • Why some businesses sell for 10x, 30X and even 100x revenue.
  • An introduction to the castle and moat – the foundation of every good business strategy
  • Team brand and culture – and how it grows and reduces brand equity
  • The secret technique to add value to a product or service.
  • The three key components of strategic communications.
  • The no b.s definition of a brand
  • An introduction to human capital

Strategy briefings are 45-75 minutes long, depending on your questions and feedback.  

To organise your briefing – which may be attended by up to 10 members of your executive team – email ben (at)

Again though, the starting point is The Bartlett Lessons newsletter.