One of the 7 Ladders of Success is the avocation and social impact ladder. Social impact is where we are engaged in good causes for the betterment of others and the development of society as a whole.

Social impact has the greater good attached to it, provides some balance and meaning in our lives, and benefits other individuals, groups and society as a whole.

One good way to engage in social impact is to attach social impact initiatives to our avocation.  What is avocation? It is our personal interests and hobbies.

By attaching social impact to our avocation/s, we engage ourselves in activities we really enjoy doing. And we connect that with social impact.  How do we do it? We gift our time and talents to help others in support, coaching and mentoring roles.

Social impact is much more important than donating money and resources.  With social impact you get your hands dirty.

Furthermore, social impact is not a one-off.  It is something we should do on an ongoing basis.