Introducing Strat Sessions

High-performance strategic management consulting and coaching sessions


Are any of these challenges keeping you awake at night?

  • Stagnant sales and profits giving you headaches
  • Your brands are being smashed about by copy cats and/or large, discount-driven competitors
  • You are frustrated with people or teams that are dysfunctional, toxic or just not performing
  • High work stress is taking a severe toll on you, your family life, relationships and health
  • You need some fresh thinking and strategies to help you revitalize your business and life
  • You’ve hit a brick wall…personally or professionally…and want to reach new and higher levels of performance
  • You’ve set some challenging goals…and want some guidance and coaching to help you achieve them

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then enquire about Strat Sessions with Ben.


Strat Sessions is a strategic management consulting, coaching and planning service designed to help you resolve a one-off, yet significant performance issue such as declining sales, poor brand reputation, relationship issues or low morale.  Or you can use the service to spark or evaluate new ideas and strategies including product development, brand positioning and growth strategy, critique your strategy or conduct due diligence on a business/investment.

For any of the above situations, Sessions will give you the impartial eyes, fresh perspective and high-powered insights you need to move forward. It will help you to better deal with rampant competition, underperforming teams and individuals, commoditized products, services and brands, razor-thin margins and sluggish sales.

You will find it easier to gain and maintain a strong market presence, your business will be seen more favorably as the brand preference in the eyes of prospects and customers, and it will be harder for competitors to imitate you.  Sound too good to be true? Not when this service is built upon sound strategic thinking and principles of strategic management.

Whatever the issue, we put on our high performance strategic management hat to solve it.

The Strat Sessions process

Strat Sessions harness the 12 Rules of Strategy, which comprises core principles and methods for developing creative strategies and solving problems. If you’re not familiar with the 12 Rules, here is an overview:

The 12 Rules can be applied to any strategy, and we apply them principally to the three core domains, namely:

  • Personal strategic management
  • Team strategic management
  • Business strategic management

Here’s how a Strat Session works.

  1. Give us an outline of your challenge, problem or idea.
  2. We’ll conduct an initial diagnosis and tell you if it’s something we can help you with.
  3. Once we’ve established that we can help you, we agree upon the desired outcome you’d like to achieve.
  4. We apply the 12 Rules of Strategy and 20+ years expertise in strategic analysis, planning and execution. You get access to our proprietary Planning With Pictures system and tools including process visuals, SWOT maps, 80/20 analysis and analytical matrices.
  5. Strat Sessions offer one-on-one consulting, planning and coaching for up to 4 hours. Plus it includes unlimited phone, videophone and email support for 30 days.
  6. We create ideas and build a solution.
  7. We work with you to help you properly execute the solution. 

The Cost

The fee for Strat Sessions is $5,000 plus GST where applicable, payable in advance.

This is either a lot or a little, depending on what you compare it with.

If you were to hire some large, international consultancy, expect to pay upwards of $100,000 for a week of their time.  Then again, some cheap-as consultant may offer to help you for several hundred dollars.  With the large consultancy, expect to be drowned in business theory and corporate-speak, while the cheap consultant is likely to offer you just general, cookie-cutter advice.

With a Strat Sessions you get a specific solution, tailor-made to your unique situation.  The expectation is that this solution will recoup your investment in increased revenue, reduced or optimized costs and improved morale and productivity.  Most importantly, Strat Sessions will help you to sleep better at night.

How to get Strat Sessions

For more information about the Strat Sessions service, send an email to ben at