The Leadership Skill Set

How to master the core skills you need to succeed – at work and in life


In the military there is an acronym called GYST, which is used to reprimand soldiers who do not follow procedure.  

What does GYST stand for?  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!  

GYST is used when a soldier screws up. Bed’s not made properly. Uniform is scruffy. Last place in the fitness test. Bad score in war games.

Whatever the screw up, the leader shouting an order or directive will say something like, “SOLDIER, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!”

And in response, the soldier will do as directed.

GYST in the world

GYST has made its way from the military to civilian life. Meaning? It’s used as a reprimand to get our personal shit together. 

What is GYST really about? GYST is about getting your personal house in order. Mentally. Physically. Socially.

Ultimately, GYST is about skillfully planning and executing strategy to your personal life.

How to do that? You need to develop and perform the Leadership Skill Set.

The Leadership Skill Set underpins personal and work success.

The Leadership Skill Set is a cluster of skill groups that comprise personal leadership.  And if you want to climb the ladders of success, The Leadership Skill Set is your key.


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What is a strategy briefing?

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The Leadership Skill Set strategy briefing is available to you and members of your leadership team. 

Importantly, strategy briefings are free.

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