How to develop your most valuable investment asset

Develop human capital with The Strategy Lessons


World-leading business and personal development author, Brian Tracy, wrote that business “is a competition between those who know more and those who know less.”  And he added that the very best business leaders are those who are “continually increasing their levels of knowledge and skill.” (Source: Create Your Future)

It’s true.  To develop your business and personal life you need to continually develop your knowledge.  More importantly though, you need to convert that knowledge into skills, experience and track record.

This process of converting knowledge into track record is called developing human capital.  And the fact is this.  Human capital is your most valuable investment asset.

The need for knowledge and skill development is one reason why globally, executive and business education is a US$500 billion industry.  

Popular with both inexperienced graduates and seasoned business leaders, executive education courses teach students the full suite of business skills from leadership through to economics and marketing.

However, one subject stands out as the most important subject that you need to master.  What is it?  strategic management.

Unfortunately, when it comes to learning about strategic management, your choices are limited.  Take for instance, courses taught at business schools.

Firstly, these courses have a strong corporate and public sector focus.  This is one reason why they are very popular with public service employees, corporate executives, and those wishing to pursue a career in either of these two sectors.

Next, students are often taught a theory-heavy and corporate-focused approach to subjects like analysis and strategic planning. That’s fine if you plan to work for a large corporate or government department and enjoy pontificating over theory.

And thirdly, most of the lecturers and professors of these programs have little in the way of practical business experience.  They teach theory and, in terms of actual experience have not had skin in the game or have put their money where their mouths are. 

Ultimately, much of what you learn in these courses offers little in the way of practical application – especially for the owners of small to mid-sized companies. And, they soon get hit with a dose of reality when they compare theoretical strategic management learning with the real world. 

The solution? The Strategy Lessons.

The Strategy Lessons is the most comprehensive series of strategic management education offerings. It includes workshops and seminars, courses, master classes and speeches on strategic management. Lessons can be delivered online and in-person.

As well, you can purchase books and special reports on a range of strategic management topics.  And to kick things off, there is The Strategy Lessons Newsletter, our free once-weekly email newsletter.

These service offerings are perfect for you if you:

  • Conceptually understand that strategic management is the #1 leadership and life skill
  • Want to learn innovative techniques to help you to be better at analysing and developing strategy.
  • Want to be a better strategic decision maker.
  • Have an idea for a new product or brand and want to see if it is worth pursuing.
  • Want to be better at executing strategy.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then our strategic management education programs could be just what you need.  But to be doubly sure, check out these warnings, designed to discourage the wrong people from inquiring.

With The Strategy Lessons there is….

No pie-in-the-sky academic theory.  So if you are looking some theoretical nonsense from a business school professor who has spent most of his or her working life in a university, The Strategy Lessons is not for you.

No corporate or government department bullshit.  Do you want to learn all the overly complex systems and associated buzzwords found in many corporates and government departments? You won’t find it in The Strategy Lessons.

No motivational hype.  Need a motivational pep talk? If so, The Strategy Lessons will help you to become more motivated.  But, there is no over-the-top motivational hype, so do not read any further if hype is what you’re after.

Seriously though, if you’re just looking for a Tony Robbins-type speaker who rants at 100 miles an hour, jumps up and down like a dog on heat, and gets the audience into a state of euphoria with lots of chants and cheers…then The Strategy Lessons is not for you..

No get rich quick schemes. Searching for that next “big thing” that’ll make you filthy rich in next to no time?  If so, The Strategy Lessons will make you very disillusioned.  That’s because you will learn that success requires a good strategy, hard work and a long term commitment.

No airy-fairy, law of attraction pseudo-scientific nonsense.  Are you one of those people seduced by the idea that you can attract your way to success?  Do you worship at the altar of the law of attraction, magical thinking and new thought schools of success?  You will not be a good candidate for The Strategy Lessons.

Ultimately, The Strategy Lessons is for serious business leaders only.  It strips away all the unnecessary theory to the essential core, giving you solutions that still have a strong theoretical foundation, but are also extremely practical and powerful.

When training, our primary role is that of a teacher and instructor. In other words, we impart skills, knowledge and ideas, as opposed to screaming out motivational hot air or spewing theory.

So here are some promises. Firstly, there is no convoluted jargon, or complex theories and models, which is so prominent in business school and corporate courses on strategy.

Next, there will be no hype or b.s that many motivational speakers like to use. And third, we will not be boring old farts.

What we’ve done is take important strategy and performance theory, stripped it down to ordinary, everyday language, and then combine it with real-world practicality. You won’t need an IQ of 180 to understand what we’re going on about.  And, you will know how the stuff you’re learning can be applied to your business and life.

There is plenty of opportunity for dialogue. In a workshop format for example, the workshops themselves are customized to meet student needs, and are designed for smaller groups, with typically fewer than twenty participants in a training session.

And there is flexibility of design, with the content able to be structured in 60 minute to multi-day sessions.

How to use The Strategy Lessons

Outlined below is an overview of The Strategy System, which highlights subject areas and skill modules for The Strategy Lessons. 


As the visual shows, the core of the system is high performance strategic management, with modules including the leadership skill set, strategy principles rules and models, and planning with pictures. 

These cogs are then applied to three domains, namely:

  • 10 Diamonds business strategy and development
  • Champion team development
  • Personal development with the leadership skill set

As well, the modules include:

The Strategy Models  – comprises more than 100 strategy tools built on the principles of design thinking.  Tools include strategy grids, process visuals, scorecards and strategy models. Designed to improve strategic analysis, ideation, decision-making and planning, most of these tools are the intellectual property of BM. Bartlett, while a few are widely known and frequently used tools.

The Planning With Pictures Method – a planning system built upon the well-known “A picture is worth a thousand words” quotation and principle. Applies design thinking principles to help clients develop visual business models, strategic plans, roadmaps and goal trackers on a single page in sizes from A3 to A0.

The Strategy Lessons offers education based on the framework outlined above. With regards to format, you can choose from the following:

  1. Master class (90 minute-2 hour training sessions)
  2. Workshop (1/2 day to multi-day)
  3. Keynote speech/lecture or short workshop (20-60 minutes)

And fees?

Fees for workshops start at $5,000 for a one-off workshop or speech through to $10,000+ for a multi-day training event.  

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Let’s get back to Brian Tracy.  He wrote that “If you want to be lucky, you must never forget that the future belongs to the competent…The future belongs to the people with the critical knowledge of how to get results, and those who are adding to their knowledge base every day.” (From Creating Your Future.  John Wiley and Sons)

How right he is. If you want to get into and remain in the high performance green zone you need to improve your competence and skills.

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