Services and Fees Summary


In the fields of consulting and coaching, research shows that fees charged by top strategy consultants and executive coaches are high. To highlight the reality, the world’s premier strategy consulting firm is McKinsey. Its fees? $180,000 per week to more than $4 million for a six month project!

According to, a compensation research service, the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is highly valued. And, the total compensation package for a top CSO is USD$392,000 per year.

And with regards to executive and leadership coaching, in 2016, UK firm Ridler and Co revealed in its 2016 Research Report that coaching fees for CEOs are as much as £2,000+ per hour (see below).

As shown, at the low end fees start at £100 an hour, while a significant group charge £1,000 an hour and more. In terms of currency conversion, £1,000 equates to more than US$1,200 an hour and NZ$1,800 an hour.

These are real-world numbers, and haven’t been plucked out of thin air. Why so much? Simple. In effect, when you hire the best you are purchasing their brains. In other words, their expertise, experience and ideas. This is not something you can buy off the shelf like a chocolate bar.

The best brains have top-drawer human capital….so will charge accordingly. And when you think really about it, they aren’t really expensive at all. It’s actually an investment. They can help stop you making dumb, expensive and confidence-shattering mistakes. And they can help solve your problems and achieve your goals faster and easier.

To be fair, there are cheap coaches and consultants you can hire for as little as $100 an hour or session.  But be warned. When you use price as the main criteria when choosing a consultant – with a view to hiring the cheapest around – the cheapest could end up being the most expensive.  It’s the age-old adage in action.  If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.


Listed below is a summary of the 2024 fee schedule for services available from Ben M. Bartlett, which are integrated into the Strategic High Performance System.  That is, coaching, consulting and education is available for each of the modules outlined below.



Education is the least expensive service, and actually commences with the free options such as The Bartlett Letter. The curriculum for education is built upon The Strategic High Performance System.

As well as the newsletter, other free offerings include strategy briefings and lectures. Strategy Briefings are part education and part consultation sessions that can be held in-person or via online video.

Fees start at $5,000 for workshops through to $10,000+ for multi-day events.


Coaching is a step up from education in that it focuses on intense skill development and the development of human capital. As the high performance formula reveals, high-level human capital is the first and most important ingredient needed for success and high performance.

With coaching we apply the blended coaching model,  which is the model used in apprentice programs, by the military and also elite-level sports teams.

Coaching is offered on a single session basis or as part of our coaching, consulting and education retainer. 

Coaching fees start at $5,000 per session.  Our retainer service starts at $2,500 per month.


Consulting is the most expensive service.  It is where you hire someone else to solve your problem for you.  Just like calling in a plumber to fix a leaky pipe. 

With strategy consulting we provide specialist expertise to help you with the following: 

  • Planning, designing or redesigning your castle and moat business model
  • Crystallising your Vision
  • Codifying your Values system
  • Researching and developing productised IP
  • Designing your strategic brands
  • Developing your customer ascension model
  • Building your integrated marketing system
  • Building your champion team system
  • Developing overall strategy system

Strategy consulting is available on a one-off project basis or as a retainer through the Bartlett On Call retainer service.  Consulting starts at $10,000 per project.

For all paid services, the fees for New Zealand and Australian clients will be in New Zealand dollars.  Other international clients pay in US dollars. Fees exclude GST and expenses such as out-of-town travel and accommodation.


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